Community Connection and Participation

Since 2008 the Purple Heart Outdoors Tour has staged a diverse array of outdoor events supported and accommodated by patriotic civilian hosts, volunteers and sponsors across the United States. The PHOT has given veterans and active military participants the opportunity to visit different regions of our nation, experience unique outdoor events, and forge meaningful connections with a variety of American communities. Hosts in turn are afforded the rare occasion to meet the Special Operations warriors who have protected and continue to protect them and build a deeper understanding and appreciation for their courageous service. Thus, P.H.O.T. events are mutually rewarding to both civilian supporters and service members alike, and inevitably create lasting relationships between current and past protectors and those whom they have protected.



To provide outdoor recreational opportunities exclusively for selected veterans and active-duty military members of the United States Special Operations Forces community. These events are meant to deliver much-deserved rest and recreation, build morale, and provide convalescence, if needed, for the sustained injuries of America’s most elite warriors. We provide this with outdoor experiences at various locations across the country. Further goals include: the building of cohesion among Special Forces Operators and Veterans, and the promotion of public awareness and mutual appreciation through interaction between our military guests and their civilian hosts, volunteers and sponsors.