p.H.O.T. black Tail deer Hunt

Located in California, Happening in August 2016

P.H.O.T. rocky Mountain Hunt 

Located in Wyoming, Happening in October - November 2016

P.H.O.T. elk hunt

Located in Oregon, Happening in November 2016

P.H.O.T. Quail Hunt -10th Year Anniversary

Located in Georgia, Happening in January 2017

P.H.O.T. Wild Turkey Hunt 

Located in Iowa, Happening in April 2017

p.H.O.T. Black Tail Deer Hunt

Located in California, Happening in August 2017

P.H.O.T. Kayaking Expedition

Located in Lake Superior, Wisconsin, Date is to be determined in 2017

Events and Venues

The P.H.O.T. manages and contributes to six scheduled annual events across the country delivering outdoor opportunities to over sixty service members each year. Groups range from five to forty in number and are located at venues that are as geographically diverse as are their outdoor pursuits. The following is a current list of our events: